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    • Becky says

      It happens to all of us! Sometimes I’ll just delete my app for a while to give myself a break. What important is remembering how beautiful you are, and reminding yourself not to compare to anyone else!

  1. beckyrosecarver says

    Great read, My biggest insecurity is how I feel I look – I never feel as good as anyone on Instagram – I know I’m a good person and we’re all beautiful in our own ways but can’t help but envy others for the life they live, or seem to live at least x

    • Becky says

      Way too true girl! We’ve all been there. It’s great to just remember that you’ve got your own beauty and things to offer – Just like you said! and hey PS we’re name twins! haha

  2. The Frugal Frenchie says

    I always always say that first quote haha, especially when I’m with my boyfriend as a) he doesn’t mind and b) I’m so jealous of his phone’s camera!

    This is a good way of reminding people that insta isn’t a true representation of real life, nicely done xx

    The Frugal Frenchie

  3. John Aiwone says

    This is all so true. Instagram, Snapchat and most forms of social media is all an image game. Mostly about “Lets see who can take the best pic for the most likes out of vanity”.

    What’s worst is when we view other people’s stories we watch others live their lives, lives that we think is all good but it actuallly ISNT ALL THAT, rather than spending time living our own and making ourselves happy. This is the very reason why I stopped doing snapchat/instagram stories regularly, especially knowing that most of those people watching me didn’t really care.

    Sorry if I ranted a bit. Great post!

    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

    • Becky says

      It’s so true! I actually deleted my personal instagram for this exact reason. It was just too overwhleming always comparing myself! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Lea says

    That last sentence though. You absolutely nailed it. It hit me right in the heart. Wonderful concept, challenging to follow but absolutely true and worth trying to implement in day to day life. You are way ahead of the game, sweetheart, learning these important and life changing truths now.

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