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  1. yechen1989 says

    Simple and effective 🙂 nice post! I prefer to keep myself busy, such as reading up on new topic to write about, have a better plan for next week, and website maintenance.

  2. Penn And Quill says

    I always go back and forth about this! Sometimes I love when my weekend is jam packed full of fun activities with friends. But other times, I’m all about relaxing and having nothing to do!

  3. Cornish Maid 87 says

    Love this post! I totally agree, the thought of having no plans is a complete luxury 🙂 I really feel that a 3 day weekend would benefit us all! One day for housework, exercise and life admin, one day for socialising and fun activities and the third day for chilling, pampering and self-care! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x You can find my blog here:

    • Becky says

      A three day weekend would be what dreams are made of! I’ve got one coming up due to a holiday, and I cannot wait! 2 days just never seems like enough. Thanks for reading!

  4. John Aiwone says

    I often keep myself busy doing things I enjoy sich as catching up on TV shows, working out, working on my blog etc. Even though I should be physically drained after a long working week and want to relax, I find myself having energy to do all the above.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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