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  1. Becky Gutierrez says

    I have been wanting to clean my closet for awhile now and it’s super difficult for me! Whenever I see a shirt that I haven’t used in a while I’m like “But what if I wear in the future?” know what I mean? And I totally agree with you, I’m more aware of what I’m buying now!

    • Becky says

      Waaay to true girl! I am SO guilty of doing that lol and then …. turns out I usually never wear it anyways! My goal is have slightly less material connection to clothing but it sure isn’t easy! Thanks for reading!

  2. Jessica Keynes says

    I’m really bad with buying shoes… I buy heels needlessly, I have about 6 pairs of black heels (suede, stiletto, chunky, with sparkles, leather, peep toe and so on). I’ll buy shoes that I’ll never wear because they’re too outlandish and I don’t have the confidence to wear them or they’re too uncomfortable or too expensive and I don’t want to ruin them! 😟

    • Becky says

      Rule number one, always wear the shoes! No matter how they look, if they makea you feel great thats all that matters! Fashion is about personal expression and nothing else. Don’t ever let anything stop you from making your statement girl!

  3. Hello Bexa says

    I really need to have a wardrobe clear out but it’s such a daunting task! I always accumulate so much stuff. Once it’s done though I always feel so much better and I give what I don’t wear to charity so I’m glad its making others happy. This has inspired me to have a sort out at the weekend. Thank you 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    • Becky says

      So happy I could help! I just recently did mine.. and it was actually clearing for the mind beleive it or not haha!. Thanks for reading !

  4. Sarah-Jean Ballard says

    I definitely struggle to part with things! I’ve had 4 kids and fluctuate from size 4 to size 12 and I have clothes every size in between so needless to say I have way too many clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Becky says

      Me too ! It’s not getting rid of things thats hard its parting ways with an item that holds value! (even if i havent worn it in a year I *MIGHT* wear it soon!) lol thats always my problem

  5. ivana11sk says

    Great rule! I enjoy decluttering and that is something I always ask myself – have I used it this year. If not, I get rid of it 🙂

  6. Corretta says

    That is a great golden rule! Cleaning out our closets are hard but so rewarding! I actually went through a major closet change last summer to a minimal wardrobe that focuses on neutral colors. Best decision I ever made!

    • Becky says

      I love that!! That is my end game goal as well.. I love the look of minimalistic outfits, that has always been my style! Thanks for reading!

  7. Lupe says

    That’s a great rule to have! I tend to clean out my closet as much as I can and not just keep things if I haven’t worn them. Great tips!

  8. Jo char says

    I like your one year rule! I think the 6 month rule most people mention is too short and doesn’t account for seasonal clothes.

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