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  1. Kirsten BSN RN says

    I also went through this debacle a few months ago haha after being an avid fitbit user for like 5 years I made the leap to the apple watch and am so happy I did! I love that it syncs better with my phone and syncs with more fitness apps than the fitbit did, also helps that it is water proof and since I am a nurse and am washing my hands often!

  2. GadgetScanner says

    I feel activity trackers create a mind block. You tend up looking at the target and try completing the target for the day rather than going 1up on that. Even if its an apple watch, if it fails to motivate us to go bit extra every time, it is surely of no use then

    • Becky says

      Great point! However I use mine as more of a “digital watch” than a fitness tracker as I am pretty in tune with fitness stuff and don’t need a tracker for it. Thanks for reading!

  3. Jazmin says

    I’ve been debating purchasing an Apple Watch for a few months now, but still haven’t made the plunge. My biggest reason is that I love interchanging my watches so I don’t want to buy this smart watch and never wear my other watches again. Great comparison though! I’ve never owned either, but it definitely made me want an Apple Watch even more

    • Becky says

      I totally feel you girl! I have a lot of cute watches I still wear, and I just dont wear my apple watch on that day. And you can change the bands (so you get a little bit of change!) which is nice. But I totally know what you mean. PS if you are band shopping for your apple watch – USE AMAZON!! they are significantly cheaper.

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