Day planners.

They are really the bomb. And they’re even more fun when you can customize them front to back, making the planner exactly how you’d like it to look! (Organizational freaks unite). I’ve purchased many a note book and planner, always so excited to take it home and write away in it. I keep a notebook with me when I go a lot of places, so that if something inspires me, I can write it down and blog about it later on. I’ve always loved the idea of a Filofax planner because it gives me the illusion of having my life together (somewhat). In reality, I don’t. Oops. But this helps!

Photo by: Chris Antonioli

Enter a Filofax planner and my obsession with organization continues:

I discovered Filofax from my mom, who like me, likes to keep things nice and organized. The fun thing about Filofax is that the pages are on binder rings, so you can buy printable’s and make your own planner pages. Etsy has a never ending amount of planner pages and fillers! I went with an A5 size planner, because I found the personal planners to be too small. A5 is still transportable and sleek, but big enough that I can write on the pages more freely. I love to fill my planner with all my events and upcoming plans – getting the planner filled is half the fun!


I  love anything that gives me the illusion that my life is more together than it really is!

I’ve recently designed and built my own personal “me” space. – It’s still a work in progress, but a post to come later! – Anyways, this space is for blogging, reading, and basically doing all the little things I enjoy. My Filofax looks so cute on my desk. I love to look down at it as I’m blogging and think “Oh yeah! That’s what I have this weekend.” Like I said, anything that gives me the illusion of having my life together really adds to the whole excitement. What do you guys use as planners? Let me know in the comments below!

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