I have personal ties to ALL my clothes.

Just like anyone else, our clothes are a big part of who we are. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine parting with that t-shirt you’ve had for 3 years but don’t wear anymore; because you remember the time you wore it and what a great day that was. Whatever the reason may be, cleaning out your closet isn’t always the easiest. But it is the most rewarding! I just recently sold a few pieces online, and gave the rest in a huge bag to charity. Truth be known, I haven’t thought of any of those pieces even once – which shows me pretty clearly that I did not have any need for them. I have this tendency to hold onto things (clothes, more specifically) and they just sit in my closet, never worn for months or longer at a time. So I have made a new rule for myself!

cleaning out closet

My golden rule:

I have a golden rule for cleaning out my closet. If I haven’t touched it in over a year, chances are I’m not going to wear it anytime soon. Or, alternatively if it is not a key piece that can be worn with a lot of different things (white t-shirt, ankle boots, or a basic sweater) and I don’t remember the last time it even left the hanger – I should probably rid myself of it. This also has made me more aware of what I’m buying. I’m making a conscious effort to try not and buy something, unless it completes an outfit I want. Or, if I can see myself wearing it more than once in a year. I obviously still treat myself to that perfect Christmas party dress, or the really cute outfit for going out with friends – but I am definitely more aware than I was before.

What are your rules for closet cleaning? Do you struggle like me to part with things? Let me know below!

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