When you hear that word, do you feel uncomfortable, or totally at ease? Being alone and being lonely are two different concepts. Plenty of people, including myself really enjoy time to themselves. It is a way to recharge our batteries, and do things we really enjoy. I am here to tell you that wanting time to yourself to regroup and re-energize after a long day, or even just any time, is totally okay. Making time for you is important! Allow yourself to relax and indulge in what you love. A warm bath, a good book, maybe binge watching a show on Netflix and just unplugging from the world for a while… All totally fine. Do whatever you enjoy most, and don’t let anyone try to guilt you out of it! Some of us need our time alone more than others, and that’s okay!

me time

What do you most enjoy doing to relax?

Think of that, and go with it! It might be different every time. Sometimes I will binge watch a TV show, and other times I will have a nap or play a video game. I love the idea of unplugging for a moment and doing something that allows me to not think about all my troubles, or commitments. I think I resonate more with this topic because I can be relatively introverted. Crowds can drain the life out of me, and I love a little time to myself to recuperate. I used to feel like it was weird, or that I should pretend to enjoy being extroverted more. But lately I have decided to just be who I am, quirks and all! Being extroverted and loving the thought of being surrounded by people is totally okay, and so is being a little the opposite!

the bonafide brunette

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