Skin care has become more essential to me in the last few years.

skin serum

For the last while, I’ve been really into skincare. I am just getting into skin serums. My skin has never been perfect, and now more than ever I find I really need to be cautious with my skin or I’ll be dealing with a breakout of some sort later on. I’ve heard of skin serums many times, but just never gotten into them mostly because the price has deterred me. I came across Valjean Labs serum at Winners of all places, and it was only 10$, so I figured why not. The Valjean Labs serums come in a few different types with various effects. Glow, Hydrate, and Renew are the 3 options available right now.

Valjean serum

I have been using the “Glow” serum for about a month.

I’ve also just recently tried “renew” for my breakouts. Renew was not my favorite, but it was still really good quality and a little went a long way. I am interested to try Hydrate as well, as during the winter my skin gets really dry. So far, Glow is still my favorite, a few drops on the skin and my whole face is covered top to bottom with juicy vitamins and feeling silky soft! My skin definitely looks more glowy and fresh, too. The Valjean Labs serum can be bought online at Urban Outfitters of all places (for 15$). However it must be a popular item because it has been on back order for the last while. Marshalls and Winners carried all 3 serums the last time I was there, which was only a few weeks ago. I am not sure if they would continue to carry it or not! This serum has plenty of really amazing reviews, and at 10$ a bottle I would highly recomend giving it a try!

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