Our most recent trip – Sun, sun and more sun!

Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip with two of our closest friends, to Mesa Arizona. We enjoyed plenty of drinks, relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the warm sun. We were also lucky enough to have a place to stay – the girl we traveled with, her parents own a house down there – .  You know how they say “date someone you can make it through and airport and week long holiday with? Maybe they don’t say that. But they should. And the same goes for friends. I can honestly say the two people we went with I would definitely travel with again, we had zero conflicts the entire trip. I have not been so lucky on past trips! As for what we did on our trip, it was full of adventures.

Illumination – Symphony of light

Going new places, and seeing new things

We had a jam-packed week while we were in Arizona. We went tailgating at an Arizona Cardinals game, which was insane. Everyone we walked past knew we were from Canada, and they said because we’re wearing shorts in the “dead of winter”. If you are from Canada, you would know what that’s so absurd for me to hear. It was 25+ outside! That is our summer in a nutshell! I genuinely feel like I missed out on some great parties in my younger years not going to school in the states. You don’t often find those kinds of parties in Canada. Maybe because its -25 degrees half the year, and our summers last about 2 weeks. We also went to an Arizona Sun Devils game, and I must say that I actually really enjoyed it. I was uncertain, because I’ve never really been big into basketball – but the atmosphere is really fun, and I would definitely go to another one.

Indulgences – Great food all around

We ate at a lot of great restaurants while we were in Arizona. As a foodie, this was probably my favorite part.  From devouring massive Italian dishes at Oreganos, and trying In N’ Out burger for the first time, we were NOT disappointed. We went for a beautiful dinner at Las Sendas, and had lunch at this Mexican restaurant called Barrio Queen which was by far my favorite. The menu was full of home-made and authentic Mexican dishes, including guacamole that they made right at the table while you choose your ingredients! I could have spent my entire lunch eating their chips and salsa with guacamole.

All in all, it was a really fun and relaxing trip. A great way to leave 2017 behind, that’s for sure! For now, no new travel plans are in the works, but I can’t wait to see where we venture to next.


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