Fitness, and caloric burn varies from person to person.

Many of us, myself included have said this or heard someone else say this. But what does it really mean? I am no dietician, but I did work closely with one for over a year. What I have disovered, is that what works for one person, may not work at all for another. And that’s okay. The whole 30, or any clean eating fad may have worked wonders for someone you know, and then you tried it and it just didn’t work well for various reasons. Maybe it left you hungry all the time, maybe it gave you headaches. I’m not here to debunk clean eating, because eating well is incredibly important. But what I am here to explain, is that it’s more important to try various things and discover what works for you. I have so many friends who won’t eat later in the evening because they think it causes weight gain. Or they wont touch a carb because they believe it’s what makes them gain weight.

That really isn’t the case.

Your food wont magically appear on your hips more at 7 or 8 pm than it did at 4 pm. You food will however, not burn off as easily throughout the night. When you eat (generally) doesn’t matter. What you eat, and how your own body burns it off, does. If I have oats and yogurt, or an apple or some veggies at 9 pm because my body tells me im hungry, im going to eat. Im not going to starve myself. Starving yourself causes your body to store the next meal as fat, because it doesn’t know when it’s going to eat again. And I’m also not going to wake up in the morning miraculously having gained weight from a healhy, light snack. If I had a big pizza, or chips and pop, or even a heavy sandwich, it might be different. When I’m sleeping, my body isn’t doing the work to try and digest and therefore burn off that food the same way it does when I am awake and moving. Some peoples caloric intake and output or “burning off” is a lot different than someone elses.


So then what the heck do I do?!

Your caloric output is different than pretty much anyone elses. So it’s all about finding what works for you, what makes you FEEL the best. It may or may not work like that for other people. But don’t be fearful of carbs, as they are essential to muscle growth and your bodies health. Eating some rice or sweet potato with your meal will keep it balanced, and allow to get the nutrients you need, espeically after a hard work out. It will not be the source of weight gain, either. Slow burning carbs are essential for your body. Do not deprive yourself of healthy meals your body needs just to lose weight. Don’t allow yourself to feel frustrated just because you tried a clean eating habbit that your friend did, and you didnt acheive the same results. If you can understand that what works for one, may not work for you, you are already well ahead of a lot of us!

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