“Quick! Stop! I want to Instagram this.”



I myself have been WAY too guilty of this. I love a good photo for the gram, like everyone else. This blog isn’t so much about that, but more how instagram makes us all feel. Or at the very least, makes me feel. I have days where I feel ugly. Nothing fits right, my hair is being weird, my skin is acting up, the list goes on. What I don’t have, though, are photos of that on my instagram. Why is that?

Because instagram shows the highlight reels of everyones life.

The deleted scenes are never on there, so we get a faslified view of someone elses “perfect life”. How many times have I visited a girls instagram, and instantly felt self conscious? Like my life wasnt cool enough. Or artsy or beautiful enough. I find I constantly have to remind myself that they’re life isn’t always that perfect, but sometimes it’s really difficult to draw the line between real and “insta worthy”. Then I leave their page, and I’m like “why isn’y my life that cool? what am I doing wrong here?” and that is just WRONG.


I have to remind myself daily.

I think I really came to this realization a little while ago, at my last job. By pure coincedence, I started working with a girl who I was always envious of on Instagram. I mean her life really looked amazing. And you know what? Upon working with her, it took me awhile to recognize it was actually her. Because I was seeing her living her actual life, looking like a normal person, and not just viewing all her absolute best moments. It kind of hit me then that all these people on instagram who I envied had issues, had imperfections, just like me. It was an epiphany of sorts. I came to realize that my envy was misplaced, because her life was just like mine.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

My conclusion here, is simply to remind everyone that my highlight reels – and everyone elses don’t always mean thats what life is always like. Take a step back from Instagram, or whatever site, and remember that we are all the same deep down. None of us has that perfect life. None of us look 10/10 every single day. Don’t compare your deleted scenes to someone elses highlight reel.

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