My favourite, (and first) DSLR camera


I get asked a lot who takes my photos, and very recently I’m being asked what kind of camera im capturing my personal photos with. Well – and huge disclaimer here – I model as a side hobby. So I am able to get a lot of prfossional lifestyle and editorial type photos through trade for print. As a bonus im working with and creating with some great minds which is always really fun. I do not have a professional photographer who follows me around or just shoots photos of me every other day. Unless my best friend counts.

Okay, so what the heck is a DSLR camera, and why do I want one?

Cameras.. they come in so many different sizes and types, I mean where does one even start? When I first started looking for a DSLR camera, I was beyond confused. Good sensor? I need a great lens? What the heck is DSLR?  There is a LOT to learn about cameras. Point and shoot cameras, which are your basic camera and then DSLR cameras which is what many bloggers use. (Due to the fact that most – if not all – of them take an AMAZING photo). DSLR stands for Digtal Single Lengs Reflex.  This is different from your regular “point and shoot” cameras. Point and shoot use focus free lenses, and have mostly automatic focus and lighting settings. A DSLR camera can capture much higher quality images! They come at a much high cost, but so far for me it has been well worth it. Everytime I look at my photos on my computer after, I can’t beleive the quality! When I first researched blogging, on of the main things I read was that you want really great quality photos used on your blog.

Where did I get mine?

I bought mine used, because I wasn’t totally sure that photography was going to be a hobby I’d stick to. So, dropping over 800$ on a camera just wasn’t in the plan, or even the budget. I did a ton of reseach on DSLR cameras, and asked fellow photographer friends what I did and didnt want in a “base” DSLR camera. I was told many times that a great sensor in your camera is what makes it so good. Then I went on Kijiji and I looked at a ton of used cameras and I decided to go with the Canon Rebel T3i. It is a cute little camera and as far as heavy cameras go, this one isnt bad. Purely out of luck, it came with a sigma 50mm lens (SCORE).

Will I ever get a new one?

I am sure down the road once I have learned a lot more about photography, that I will definitely invest in a new camera. I would love to have a brand new one now that I know this is somthing I’ll be doing long term. However, the one I got online was literally like new, and came with an amazing lens, so I plan to make really great use out of this one first!

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