My Five Beauty Favs:

Beauty favorites are always changing. I find new make up that I am loving probably every month or so. It’s so fun to play with new products, and try out new looks! (my makeup look day-to-day is fairly simple, I like to keep it pretty low key) Currently these are things that I am loving, and tell everyone who will listen, -My dog, my best friend, my boyfriend- about.


Lancome’s BB cream:

I love this BB cream because it’s non-greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. And it gives me a nice light coverage for daily wear. You don’t need much, and it lasts months!  I don’t see myself using anything else for a long time. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart, but anywhere that sells Lancome should have it!

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Cleansing Mask:

I struggle with bad skin, like anyone else.  But, after only one use of this mask, my skin was noticably brighter and softer. Not dried out in the least, either. After using it frequently (about 3x a week). My skin had completely changed. Honestly I am kicking myself for not taking before and after photos. My breakouts are far less often. and if they are, this mask cures them. . This mask is a staple in my skincare routine now!

face mask

L’Oréal Paris Lipstick Color#620 “Julianne’s Nude”:

I use this lipstick every day. It is a beautiful, sort of peachy-nude type of color that just really pulls together any makeup look. I like it for my day to day makeup which is quite minimal, (see video on how I acheive that look here) and I also find I can “dress it up” and wear it on a night out with some lip liner and it looks great. It’s a really universal color. Pro tip: If you want a really natural look, use your finger to apply the lipstick. apply some to your index finger, and pat it on your lips. It will give you a much more natual look!

Benefit Cosmetics “Roller Lash” Mascara:

This mascara is the tits. It keeps my lashes curled all day, doesn’t flake, and applies nicely! I use this stuff every single day, and I dont think I’ll switch to much else! It does it all.  And you can buy these cute little trial sizes, that way you can see if the regular sized tube is really for you!

roller lash mascara

NYX Eyebrow Gel:

Eyebrow makeup is a staple in any makeup look because of how it can open and wake up the face. To apply I use an angled eyeshadow brush, and a little goes a long way. I have dark brown hair natually so I use the “espresso” color (pictured in photo above) and I like the color it gives me. It stays on all day, and usually overnight too if I forget to wash my face (oops). You have the option to go as bold or as natual as you’d like essentially. It also lasts a really long time even if you use it every day!

What are you favorite products, and why? I’d love to hear from you guys!  Comment below!

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